Register Compass Review – The Good And The Bad

Register Compass Review – The Good And The Bad

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Register Compass

While there are a number of free software to help you find a good expired domain, there are paid software too. These paid software helps you getting access to better domains that have been discarded or expired. One such software is the register compass.


According to a few register compass reviews, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of this software:


  • Though the number of metrics on which the domains are rated and filtered are less, it is easier to search and understand. It is simple, straight forwards and very qualitative.
  • All your searches are shown at the bottom of the page. Hence, you can easily repeat the search if so wish to do so after a while.
  • Once you become a member, you can search using this software, any number of times and can also combine any filter settings to suit your need.
  • You get valuable notifications such as email reports on a fixed schedule, domain alerts and lists
  • Find domain names that are ranked high in Google and have a good real time traffic (not the spammed or fake traffic)
  • Get domain names that are just three letters long
  • Get to know the traffic for each of the domains you are considering, so that you can choose the one that will get you the maximum clicks


  • There is no free trial. If you need to try this software, you need to subscribe to it
  • The accuracy of the metrics provided by this software, to filter out the used domains, is not very impressive.
  • When you want to find domains that are about to expire in the near future, you are not provided an exhaustive list. You get more options for expired and discarded domains.

Buying a used or expired domain is no joke. It requires a lot of careful considerations and close filtering, to ensure you are not stuck with a spam site. This is why this register compass review can help you in finding the right software to find that perfect used domain.


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