Private Server Access for iPhone users

Private Server Access for iPhone users

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Clash of Clans game is the most played and most interesting game found. Though it’s been a few years since its arrival, the fan following has not reduced, but increased. The credit is due to its interesting gameplays and all the more due to outer factors.

Well, how do you feel when you have a class attention versus a special attention? You would love to learn better, with much awareness and alertness. And the teacher is completely to you, solely. So, you can get your doubts cleared and get an undivided attention. The same logic is applied to gaming too. For those undivided resources, which help you accomplish your task faster than usual, getting some private space is required. That’s what people have found it. Private server for Clash of Clans gives you all that.

So, are you an iPhone user? Then getting access to the private server via your phone is a little tricky. You need to jailbreak the phone; otherwise it’s close to impossible. We provide solution only for jail broken phones, others we are sorry, and it’s really a waste of time trying hard for something that is never going to work. Please note that we have taken the above steps from a collection of sites that have been written by the users themselves.


For iPhone users, jail-broken ones, there are 2 ways to get access to private servers. One sure shot method is the iFile method. Here, you need to edit the host file, give the IP address of the server and then wait until it redirects you to the private server of Clash of Clans.

  • An important warning and notice before you start with the process: take a back of all your host files, find a way for this. Otherwise you can’t switch back to your original account and your phone will always be connected to the private server. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • To know the IP address of the server, you need an Android phone. So, using it go to the CoC private server, please copy the IP and paste it from your browser. Now follow the below steps to change your iPhone ready for private server.
  • ‘Cydia’- open it.
  • Do a search for iFile and start downloading this file.
  • After the installation is complete, open it up.
  • Browse for ‘/>>etc’.
  • Look for ‘hosts’ file .
  • Now make this change here in host file; give the private server IP.
  • Click on return button, very important to do this.
  • Now save your host files and close.

Get set, go!!! You are on private server, utilise them.